Friday, July 26, 2019

You Won't Want to Miss This Panel Session Next Week!

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New SHSMO Center for Missouri Studies 

Missouri History Museum, St. Louis
Jefferson City

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tips for Researching in Manuscript Collections

Hidden Treasures: Tips and Rewards for Researching in Manuscript Collections. 

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Many family historians fail to use manuscript collections in their research, either because they are unaware of them or think they are difficult to find. This session will summarize the types of documents one can locate in manuscript collections and how that information can help in your research. Discussion will include a method for locating your family in archival collections, and how to access the collections. The donation process and tips for donating your own materials to an archives will be included. Examples will emphasize Missouri families and archival collections. 

Come here Bill Eddleman, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Cape Girardeau Research Center, The State Historical Society of Missouri.   Bill is a trained wildlife biologist/ornithologist, he retired from Southeast Missouri State University in 2016. He has conducted genealogical research for over 25 years, produced over 20 books of abstracted records, presented to many local historical/genealogist groups, and specializes in Southeast Missouri research, land records, and military records. Bill is the past president of the Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society, and is the current President of MoSGA.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

Kin In the Ozarks? Hear Their Rich History Here

Who Were the Settlers of the Old Ozarks? Come hear about your Ozark relatives at the MoSGA conference on August 2-3, 2019.

Using his new book, A History of the Ozarks, Volume 1: The Old Ozarks, as the launching point, Blevins will discuss settlement patterns in different parts of the Ozark region. Among the topics covered will be the ethnic and national origins of those who immigrated to the area between the 1790s and the beginning of the Civil War and the social institutions and lifeways they brought with them.

Brooks Blevins is the Noel Boyd Professor of Ozarks Studies at Missouri State University in Springfield. He is the author or editor of nine books, including the first two volumes in the trilogy, A History of the Ozarks, covering the period up through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

“This Indenture Made This…” Finding Ancestors in Deeds

Have you tried to find your Ancestor in Deed records?  Join us in Columbia on August 2-3 to learn the best ways to focus your search and get the most out of land records.

Picture courtesy of Roger Arrick; taken Wayne Co TN, April 2008.

MoSGA President Bill Eddleman. Ph.D. will discuss deed records as a source that beginning and intermediate-level researchers sometimes access sparingly, if at all. Often this is because the records require a deeper level of understanding in order to locate and use them effectively. An estimated 80% of men owned land during the 19th century, and deeds disposing of this land often document relationships.

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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Do You Have Germans in Your Family Tree?

In the 1990 Federal Census, 58 million Americans claimed to be solely or partially of German descent. That means a sizable proportion of Americans have a German or two hanging out in their family tree. 

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Germans began emigrating to Missouri in the 1830s after the publication of Godfried Duden's book Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America in 1829.  According to the 2010 Federal Census twenty Missouri Counties still speak German as their second language.  

Would you like to know more about your German ancestors who settled in Missouri?  Join us on Friday August 2 at 2:15 pm to hear Dorris Keeven-Franke, the Executive Director of  the Missouri Germans Consortium & President of the German-American Committee of St. Louis. Dorris helped to create the German Heritage Corridor, blogs on, teaches genealogy, and has been a professional genealogist for over 40 years. She recently completed a chapter of an upcoming book on German Abolitionists (State Historical Society of Missouri).

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Friday, July 05, 2019

Want to Get the Best Advice for Using Online Genealogy Sites?

Most genealogists have used, and maybe even in their family history research.  But have you kept up with all the changes these sites are making?  Do you experience frustration when you go back to the site you knew and can't find the features you used to use regularly?

Do you wish you had a refresher course or just someone to explain all the new features?

Join us August 3 at 8:30 AM at Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center when Jacob Eubanks and Daniel Lillienkamp, two genealogical experts from St. Louis County Library show us the latest features of these sites - and most importantly how to get the most out of them.

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