Tuesday, November 06, 2018

News You Can Use #1: Ancestry.com Updates DNA Estimates, Offers Free Military Records

Sorry for the long absence!  Life got a little crazy for a while.  Here are a few genealogy-related stories to catch you up.  There are a few things happening at Ancestry.  
First, they are offering FREE access to military records from November 2-12 in honor of Veterans.  You can access the more than 250 million records at www.ancestry.com/honor.

Second, if you haven't heard, Ancestry has added millions of results to their DNA database and unveiled new ethnicity estimates for everyone who has taken an Ancestry DNA test. So if you haven't checked your DNA lately, it is worth a look.  According to the Ancestry Blog

Ancestry will deliver ethnicity estimates with increased precision to its customers, through a new algorithm that analyzes longer segments of genetic information, marking an important evolution in the way we interpret DNA data. Having built and expanded our DNA reference panel, we have a better understanding of genetic signatures globally, can break down geographic ethnicity estimates with greater specificity and give you a more detailed picture of your origins.

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