Monday, May 21, 2018

Having Trouble with Your DNA Research? The MoSGA Conference Has the Answer!

DNA Research seems to be the hottest genealogy subject this year.  In fact it seems everybody is doing it! Have you been tested? Got your results? Not sure what they mean?

Come to the 2018 MoSGA Conference and learn about DNA from an expert!  We are pleased to announce that Patricia Hobbs, a Certified Genealogist and DNA expert will be giving a workshop and a seminar on DNA.

The Workshop, scheduled for Friday August 10, "An Overview of DNA Testing" will cover the basics of DNA testing: what tests are available, pros and cons of testing companies, and what the test results can tell you.

On Saturday a second session Ms. Hobbs will delve into test results and explore the testing companies' online tools.

If you want to find out more about DNA and about Patricia, check out her website at Register for the MoSGA conference on our website here

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