Monday, September 04, 2017

MoSGA Announces New First Families

The Missouri State Genealogical Association takes pride in offering the Missouri First Families program to honor early Missouri families.  Your work in proving your ancestor’s early years in Missouri will be preserved for future generations by the Missouri State Genealogical Association [MoSGA].

The three categories are: 
Territorial Certificates – Ancestors proven to have resided in Missouri on or before statehood, 10 August 1821.
Pioneer Certificates – Ancestors proven to have resided in Missouri at any time between and including 11 August 1821 and 31 December 1860.
Civil War Service Certificates – Ancestors proven to have served in a Missouri military unit during the Civil War; those ancestors in other military units who saw service in Missouri during the Civil War; and those ancestors who were Civil War veterans and died and/or were buried in Missouri.

Please welcome our newest first families!

Category: Civil War
Ancestor: Johann Nicholas Friedrich
Name of Person Requesting: Carol J. Norman

Category: Civil War
Ancestor:  Martin Ballew
Name of Person Requesting: Marilyn L Taylor

Category: Pioneer
Ancestor: Charles Skinner
Name of Person Requesting: Anna Lou Martin

Category: Territorial
Ancestor: William Jones Kelly
Name of Person Requesting: Judith Lee Frisch

Would you like to see your ancestor's name on a certificate? Your application and accompanying documentation will make a significant contribution to the record of our state’s heritage and your family’s participation in that heritage.

In order to comply with genealogical standards of evidence, we ask that all applications include a complete set of the supporting documentation for all generations from yourself to the ancestor you are honoring. Please send only photocopies of the documents. The application may be shared with other genealogists; however, information on living persons and those born within the past 100 years will be withheld.

For more information check the MoSGA website.

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