Monday, September 04, 2017

Disaster Planning for Genealogists

With the national heartache over the Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding in Houston and other Gulf coast towns, genealogists are often reminded about disaster planning for our records and keepsakes.  Here are a few suggested sites and tips worth your time.

1.  Thomas McEntee blogged about a great reference for disaster planning that is currently FREE at Legacy Family Tree.
Melissa Barker, aka The Archive Lady, knows all too well what can happen to important papers and artifacts as well as data when a disaster hits. Whether it is fire, flood or simply a computer failure, Melissa has created a guide at Legacy Family Tree entitled Disaster Planning for the Genealogist.
2.  Melissa Barker also recommends a free document from the New York State Archives that is available for free here.  It is a bit dated but the 58-page document is worth a read.

3.  Lisa Louise Cooke provides a three-step process on her website.  She also has a podcast about disaster planning here.

4. Family Tree Magazine provides additional advice here. Maureen Taylor has tips for protecting photos here, while Diane Hadad gives four pointers for protecting keepsakes here.

5. Finally, I got a Flip Pal Mobile Scanner at the recent MoSGA annual conference.  It is my new best friend.  I immediately went to my Aunt Mary's and proceeded to run through a set of batteries scanning photos.  Flip Pal has a great blog here.

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