Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veterans Day!

Photo is titled: Group of Unidentified Military Personnel, no date, #59-1105,
courtesy of the Truman Library, Independence, MO

There are many great resources for those searching for the details of their family member's military service to our country. Missouri Digital Heritage has numerous electronic resources as well as guides for those databases not yet digitized and links to other Missouri sources such as the Truman Library in Independence. You can browse the collections as I did to find this picture or you can search with specific terms.

This picture is a great example of the treasures to be found.  It is an unidentified and undated photo from the Truman Library.  Yet there are many clues to its location and precise date.  First is the attire of the women in the picture.  The shoes speak volumes!  They are very likely from the 1940s.  The dresses echo that observation.

Most importantly however; is the flag in the naval officer's hand.  It says, "Welcome to Fulton, Truman and Churchill, March 5, 1946," thus signifying the photo was taken on the day of Winston S. Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech at Westminster College in Fulton, MO.  How often does one get that lucky that a date and monumental event is printed neatly on the front of a photo?

Happy Veterans Day, may you have good luck in all your genealogical searches!

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