Friday, September 02, 2016

Utilizing Google Earth

If you are anything like me you have used Google Earth occasionally to perhaps look up your home address or other location.  You may have even used it to find an ancestor's home or property that was once owned by your family.  However, that has been the extent of my usage...until I saw Eric Stitt's presentation at the 2016 MoSGA conference a month ago.  Eric showed us how to use Google Earth more effectively and highlighted a few tools that make it easy to find and view just about any location on earth.  

I have spent a few hours playing with Earth Point, a tool Eric recommended.  I like it for its ease of use and have explored several of the free options including my favorite: Township and Range.  On this page you can enter the coordinates and see mapping as well as "street views" of most addresses in the United States.

Thanks Eric for sharing your knowledge and giving us another great tool to find our ancestors and understand how and where they lived.

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