Friday, June 17, 2016

MyHeritage Releases New Family Chart — the Sun Chart

MyHeritage has released an innovative new type of chart — the Sun Chart — available for free to all MyHeritage users. Called the "Sun Chart," the main ancestor (selected by the user) is shown in the center of the chart, with multiple generations of descendants in outer concentric ringsIt can be classified as a descendant fan chart, but it isn't limited in the number of generations and is unique to MyHeritage in that it also includes photos, making it the only descendant fan chart with photos that you will find anywhere. 

The Sun Chart is designed to plot as many descendants as possible on the smallest chart possible. Charts that include hundreds or even thousands of people can now be prepared in this compact circular format and hung conveniently on the wall.

Non-MyHeritage users can easily import their tree to MyHeritage (as GEDCOM) and generate this chart. Check it out here.

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