Sunday, June 26, 2016

Genealogical Gleanings about Yourself

I had the good fortune to have dinner with a couple of friends visiting from the Netherlands this week.  Over the meal we caught up on our lives, a conversation that led to the discussion of aging parents, the artifacts of our lives and genealogy.  One of my dinner companions stated that he and his siblings had given their mother a book in which to record the details of her life.  The book interspersed facts with memories and questions about what life was like at each milestone.

It got me to thinking about the issue we all face - what about the details of our own lives?  Every time I head to Missouri I visit my parents and we often visit other relatives, cemeteries and go in search of yet another unanswered genealogical question.  Only in the last few years have I started talking to my parents about their lives and mine.  Even in the years I was at home, it has been valuable and fun to ask the questions such as why did you pick this land? this house? this town?  What made you decide to take this job? this car?  Their answers have provided a depth of understanding of my family during my lifetime, as well as before.

To get started look with your own life story check out Diane Haddad's Blog, Genealogy Insider the post from May 31, 2016 here.  It provides a list of 16 questions you should ask yourself.

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