Sunday, June 26, 2016

Family Search History Books Accessible on the Digital Public Library

I use Google Search daily and find it especially helpful when I reach a brick wall in my research. Twice in the the last few months I found hits on Google that led back to sources in the Family Search library.  The sources I was seeking were history books written about a specific community, in this case Lindsborg, KS.

Then on June 22 on Diane Haddad's Blog Genealogy Insider announced that Family Search and the Digital Public Library had signed a deal to incorporate Family Search's digital library on DPL.  I have used DPL for several years and find it very user friendly and often has digitized version of books helpful to my research.

The DPL website catalogs more than 13 million digitized sources from libraries across the US.  Adding the Family Search collection with further ease access to these useful sources.  DPL is free, requiring only the creation of an account.

TIP: While I found the local history book I was seeking on Family Search, I quickly realized that - as with many local histories the book contained no index.  I decided to see if anyone else had done one for this substantive local source.  I discovered that indeed, the local historical society had indexed the book and in this case it was even online.  I suggest the next time you find a great source that has no index it is worth your time to look online and even contact the local historical society as they often maintain family files and thus, find it useful to provide an index to local resources.

Combining local resources with online discoveries often provides optimum results - saving you time and effort.  Happy Hunting!

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