Monday, October 12, 2015


The Missouri History Museum Archives holds a collection of 608 voter registration books for St. Louis County, dated 1924-1936. This collection consists of four sets of precinct-level voter registration books for each of the county's five townships: Bonhomme, Carondelet, Central, Meramec, and St. Ferdinand. The four sets of books are dated January-October 1924; 1924-1928; 1928-1932; and 1932-1936. Within each book, the voters' names are listed alphabetically.

If you know the street address where an ancestor was living in St. Louis County (perhaps from a St. Louis County directory or the federal census), you can determine which precinct the individual resided in by consulting two green binders at the Archives Reference Desk in the Reading Room of the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center. In these green binders, consult the precinct maps to determine which registration book to request.

Entries in these voter registration books usually contain the following information: name; street address; state or country of birth; race; age; signature of voter; and number of years resident of the county and the state.

Please note that these books do not cover the city of St. Louis.

To request a look-up in these volumes, contact associate archivist Dennis Northcott. Please provide the person's name, street address, and the approximate time frame in which the individual resided at that address.

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