Sunday, July 26, 2015


The Missouri State Guard flag has been removed from the state historic site at Lexington, Mo.:


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Rushd Lady said...

I've been researching my 3rd great grandfather, Martin White. In doing so, a family member that I met via my history nut blog told me that my ancestor had fought at the Battle of Wilson's Creek with the Missouri State Guard, so I contacted the National Park for more information. Jeffery Patrick, the librarian there, informed me that while the Missouri State Guard fought on the southern side, it was NOT a Confederate army and was never a Confederate army, but only existed for two years altogether. It was enacted by the Missouri Governor, Claiborne Jackson and closed by the same, so to call the Missouri State Guard "Confederate" is a misnomer. Can you please change the wording "Confederate" to "Missouri" to reflect its correct title? Thank you.