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Press Release: 1 July 2015

21st Century Fund Awards

MoSGA’s 21st Century Fund Awards for 2015 will be awarded to three Missouri organizations.

The Arnold Historical Society will receive a $500 grant toward the publication of a book on the Richardson Cemetery located in Arnold MO. For the past two years society members have located, researched and documented the 254 known graves in the pioneer cemetery. Many of the individuals buried in the cemetery settled in the area before statehood.

The Cedar and Vernon County Genealogical Society, located in Nevada MO, will receive a grant of $500 to help fund the publication of three books containing transcriptions of surviving Walker (MO) Herald newspapers for the years 1882-1931. The volumes chronicle small town life at the turn of the century. Each volume will contain an every-name index.

The Will Mayfield Heritage Foundation, located in Marble Hill MO will receive a grant of $500 for archival supplies to preserve the historical collection found at the Will Mayfield College in Marble Hill. The collection includes photographs of student signatures found on the walls during the restoration of Mayfield Hall. Discovered under layers of wallpaper and paint, the signatures belong to students from the late 1880’s into the early 1900’s. Check out their Facebook page at the Mayfield Cultural Center.

The awards will be presented at the MoSGA Annual Luncheon, Saturday, August 8th, during the Association’s Annual Conference, August 7-8 in Columbia MO. Information on the conference is available on our website.

The 21st Century Fund was established in 2005 during MoSGA’s 25th Anniversary. Grants of up to $1,000 are offered to Missouri societies, libraries and/or archives to promote the preservation and publication of Missouri genealogical data.

July 1, 2015 starts the 2016 grant cycle. The 2016 grant application and guidelines will be available on MoSGA’s website after July 1st.

The 21st Century Fund is supported by generous donations from the genealogical community. If you wish to make a tax deductible contribution, please send it to MoSGA, 21st Century Fund, PO Box 833, Columbia MO 65205-0833. Thank You!

Martha L. Henderson, Chair
21st Century Fund Committee

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