Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Received from GSSI:

I am retiring as Newsletter Editor for GSSI (Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois) with the current issue. Someone else needs to take the helm if members are to be kept up to date about GSSI activities in 2015. To date, no one has come forward to answer my previous appeal for someone with word-processing experience to take on the task. An Editor need not live in Southern Illinois if he or she has access to the internet to keep in touch with the Board and to use MailChimp, the program used for distributing the Newsletter. MailChimp is super easy to use; if I could do it, anyone can. It has built-in design templates, tools for basic text and photo editing, and an automated mailing list that sends all copies of the Newsletter with one click on the keyboard.. I will be happy to assist the new editor for several months during the transition. Who is willing to volunteer?

Ed O'Day, (618) 457-4002

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