Tuesday, November 04, 2014


The British High Commission commemorated India’s contribution to the World War I effort by organising a reception in Delhi on October 30. The event was a grand affair, organised in the way only the British can.

Their defence minister Michael Fallon, who was also present, paid generous tributes to Indian soldiers: to their fighting qualities and sacrifices. He presented the Indian government with memorials to honour the six Indian soldiers who won Victoria Crosses during the war (another three VCs were won by soldiers hailing from areas now in Pakistan and two by Nepalese serving with the Indian Army).

Britain is working closely with the United Service Institution (USI) on the commemorative programme for the World War. A guide has been funded by the UK government to help people wanting to visit the battlefields of the Indian Corps in France and Belgium. They have also financed a coffee table book giving a pictorial overview of the war. Both are available through the USI. In addition, war diaries of Indian regiments that fought in the same campaign have been digitised and will soon be made available.


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