Tuesday, July 15, 2014


If you missed some or all of last season’s episodes of the U.S. version of the Who Do You Think You Are? genealogy television program, you have an opportunity to view them later this month. TLC will rebroadcast all of Season 4′s episodes, one after another, on Sunday, July 20 and again on July 23. If you missed earlier episodes, you can watch them on July 20 or 23 or program your video recorder to capture the episodes for you.

In each episode, a celebrity explores his or her family tree in this seven-part profile series. In each episode, a star takes a globe-spanning journey of self-discovery to uncover the mysteries of his or her ancestral history. Their familial stories in turn shed light on events in American and world history.

Episodes that will be rebroadcast include:

Sun, Jul 20 – 1:00 PM – Actor Chris O’Donnell explores his father’s side of the family and its patriotic legacy.
Sun, Jul 20 – 2:00 PM – Model Cindy Crawford travels to the U.K. to investigate her family’s origins and possible links to royalty.
Sun, Jul 20 – 3:00 PM – Actress Zooey Deschanel investigates reports of abolitionists in her father’s Quaker family background.
Sun, Jul 20 – 4:00 PM – Singer Kelly Clarkson learns about an ancestor’s bravery in combat.
Sun, Jul 20 – 5:00 PM – Celebrity Chelsea Handler investigates her grandfather’s role in World War II.
Sun, Jul 20 – 6:00 PM – Actor Jim Parsons honors his father’s memory by investigating the paternal side of his family on a journey that includes stops in Louisiana and France.
Sun, Jul 20 – 7:00 PM – Actress Christina Applegate learns more about her paternal grandmother, a beloved family member neither she nor her father ever really knew.

All of the above times are listed in Eastern U.S. time. Check your local cable or satellite listings for the time and channel near you.

The entire series will be broadcast again on Wednesday, Jul 23, starting at 1:00 PM Eastern time.

In addition, the new Season 5 of Who Do You Think You Are? begins on July 23 when actress Cynthia Nixon explores the history of her father’s side of the family, which reveals an ancestral mystery of deceit and murder. Cynthia Nixon’s episode will be broadcast at 9 PM Eastern time on TLC.

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