Thursday, June 12, 2014


Another great tip from our friends at Missouri History Museum:

The St. Louis Mercantile Library's St. Louis Globe-Democrat Collection is a great index for searching for St. Louis names and subjects for the 1920s-1980s. You can search by Name (personal names) or St. Louis Subject (names of businesses, churches, schools, institutions, etc.). When searching by name, I find that keying in the surname only is usually the most effective method. For example, if you do a name search for Isler, Henry or Henry Isler, you'll get no results. However, if you search for Isler and browse through the results, you'll see a reference for Isler, -Henry. The hyphen that was keyed in before the name Henry caused the search for Isler, Henry to be unsuccessful. Hyphens before the first name occur frequently in this database.

Globe-Democrat Clipping File Names Index

Globe-Democrat Photographs Collection

Digitized Globe-Democrat Photos

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