Monday, May 12, 2014


The Castle and Regimental Museum, Monmouth, is a small volunteer-run museum, which tells the story of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia). This Regiment has its origins in the Monmouthshire Militia in the sixteenth century; it has survived through a number of changes of name and of role, to the present day. Now an engineer regiment, it is the senior unit of the reserve army. Throughout its long and unbroken history, it has always been a reserve force, composed of men with ordinary occupations who were brought together at intervals for training, and were called upon for active service at times of need.

The museum displays a wide range of artifacts relating to the Regiment and to the early defenses of Monmouth, and also holds a number of archives, in particular the archive of the Regiment itself. This covers the period 1786 to 1976, although there are large gaps in the series of records - partly a reflection of the nature and history of the Regiment, which has at some periods been inactive, but also as a result of the lack of survival of records. The archive includes records relating to the officers and men who served in the regiment, statistical returns and regimental order books, among other items. Material in the collection will be of interest not only to military historians, but those researching family, local and social history.

Other records in the museum include collected research notes; diaries and recollections of former members of the Regiment; and various miscellaneous collections. These have not yet been catalogued--only the 'official' archive of the Regiment has so far been catalogued.


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