Wednesday, May 07, 2014

MAAGI 2014

After an incredible inaugural year, The Midwestern African American Genealogy Institute (MAAGI) is looking ahead to this year's Institute! MAAGI 2014 will provide an educational training for the learning methods and strategies of exploring African American family history. The classes at MAAGI will be lead by faculty members who have already demonstrated their knowledge in a number of subject areas, and their leadership in the exploration of African American family history research.

During this second year of MAAGI, participants will find that MAAGI can provide personal training and guidance needed to expand their skills. Like before, participants in the 2014 institute will choose from several tracks in which they will immerse themselves for several days.

MAAGI will begin on Tuesday July 8th and will conclude on Thursday July 10th.

We hope to see you in St. Louis!

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