Saturday, December 07, 2013


The newest webinar in our series of land records in North Carolina by Helen F. M. Leary will be presented on 17 January 2014 and continue free for all to view through 19 January on the North Carolina Genealogical Society website, webinar tab:

In “The Goodliest Soyle”: Finding, Reading, & Interpreting North Carolina Land, Ms. Leary discusses the ways a person acquires land. In colonial times, English Common Law governed property rights. Knowing the law, the records it created, and the location of those records, is necessary for successful searches.

Once found, the genealogist must read and interpret the record. Correct analysis is important to glean the maximum information from each document. Ms. Leary provides the listener with tools and tips to reach a successful outcome.

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Maryann Stockert Tuck
NCGS Webinars

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