Thursday, September 12, 2013


If you're a sucker for lighthouses (guilty as charged), you'll love this exhibit:

The National Archives holds many drawings and plans of lighthouses from across Australia. Although most of these records were created during the colonial period up to 1901, some are as recent as 1968.

The records were transferred to the Commonwealth when it took control of coastal lighthouses from state and territory governments on 1 July 1915.

In 2002 the Archives launched its touring exhibition Beacons by the Sea, which explored the role of lighthouses, from guiding ships to their part in the unification of Australia under Federation.

Among the exhibits were records from series A9568, including plans of the lights, store rooms, watch houses and light keepers' residences.

NOTE: Click on “Series Title,” then “View Digital Copy” to see an image of that lighthouse drawing; then click “Enlarge” to see a larger version of that image. The larger image can be saved to your computer as a JPEG (for purely personal research purposes, of course).


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