Friday, January 18, 2013


Received from the Missouri History Museum:

In the past few years, we've been dedicating a lot of time to indexing the names that appear in various St. Louis company employee magazines into our online Genealogy and Local History Index. These magazines are a fantastic genealogical resource, often including articles regarding employees’ hobbies and military service; birth, death, and marriage announcements; photographs of employees' children; announcements of promotions and retirements; and photographs of employee sports teams.

The Missouri History Museum Library holds dozens of titles of St. Louis company employee magazines. In some cases, we hold nearly complete runs of employee magazines; in other cases we hold only scattered issues. And surely there are many of these magazines that were published that we don't hold in our library.

Our library would love to expand our collection of these magazines, and perhaps you can help! Do you have any of these magazines from the company you worked for, or perhaps from the company one of your parents or grandparents worked for? If so, would you be interested in donating these to our library?

Here are some examples of titles of St. Louis company employee magazines:

"Airscoop" (McDonnell-Douglas)
"Boilermaker" (John Nooter Boiler Works Company)
"Budcaster" (Anheuser-Busch)
"Checkerlinks" (Ralston Purina Company)
"Cotton Belt News" (St. Louis Southwestern Railway Co.)
"The Falstaff Shield" (Falstaff Brewing Corporation)
"P-D Notebook" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
"The Pet Milk Magazine" (Pet Milk Company)
"Southwestern Telephone News" (Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.)
"Transit News" (St. Louis Public Service Company)
"Union Electric Magazine"
"United Railways Bulletin"
"Valley Trust Magazine" (Mississippi Valley Trust Co.)
"The Wagner Electric Inner Circle"

If you would like to donate employee magazines to the Missouri History Museum Library, contact Dennis Northcott at or 314-746-4517.


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