Sunday, November 11, 2012


The Howard County, Missouri Genealogical Society is pleased to announce that they will be selling {in time for the upcoming Christmas season} a book entitled History and Families of Howard County, Missouri: “The Mother of Counties”.

This book was compiled by the members of the Society, and contains over 50 family histories as well as a condensed History of Howard County, a History of the Society. It is dedicated to Louise Coutts, a founding member who recently passed away and did so much to preserve the history of Howard County. The book will be approximately 250 pages, soft-cover, and will contain approximately 75 to 100 photos.

The genealogy society has compiled this book to commemorate its 20th year of operations.

People may order this book prior to printing by sending a check in the amount of $22.50 for each copy, payable to the Howard County Genealogical Society, to 201 South Main Street, Fayette MO 65248. If the book is to be shipped the cost per book to do this is $4.00 per book. Once they are printed, they will be available for delivery at the Howard County Library basement on Friday afternoons.

Please indicate your name, shipping address and number of book(s) ordered with each check.

The goal is to have these books printed in early December 2012.

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Professor Twain said...

I'd love to see a listing of the 50 families that are featured, it would help me decide whether I want to purchase this book. Thanks for any help you can provide on this.