Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The Jefferson County Library seeks to spark interest in Jefferson County history by sharing its historical photographs on Flickr, a popular photo-sharing service. The wide range of photographs offer a compelling look at how county residents lived and worked in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Currently, the collection features over 300 photographs. They are arranged in sixty-eight sets. The images showcase the rich legacy of Jefferson County towns, schools, churches, organizations, and agricultural heritage.

“People enjoy viewing historical photos of their home town,” explained Christine Merseal, Genealogy Library Specialist of the Northwest Branch, who went on to say ”Individuals have donated these photographs over the years to the library. Local historian, Della Lang, has been a major contributor. She has donated wonderful images of the past. The library has also obtained photos from patrons who have one or two pictures of their ancestor in front of a one-room school house or a photograph of their family farm.”

The Special Collection at the Northwest Branch is seeking additional photographs to add to their online collection, on Flickr. A signed release of any photograph donated is required. Please contact Christine Merseal here or at 636-677-8186.

Currently, the Jefferson County Historical Photo Collection can be found here and also linked to the Jefferson County Library website.

Christine Merseal, CG
Library Specialist I --- Genealogy
Jefferson County Library
5680 State Rd. PP
High Ridge, MO 63049

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