Wednesday, July 04, 2012


The June issue of Missouri History Museum’s Genealogy and House History News includes this interesting and potentially useful note about city directories available on

City directories are a valuable genealogical resource. City directories are similar in format to telephone directories, with the names of residents listed alphabetically. Entries usually include the individual's name, occupation, and address.

City directories for the following cities are available in digital form on the subscription database (formerly

Baltimore, 1863-1923
Boston, 1789-1818 and 1820-1926
Brooklyn, 1862-1900 and 1902-1913
Buffalo, 1828 and 1861-1923
Chicago, 1843-1916 and 1923
Cincinnati, 1861-1923
Cleveland, 1861-1923
Dallas, 1878-1923
Des Moines, 1866-1886 and 1888-1913
Detroit, 1861-1923
Ft. Wayne, 1861-1879 and 1902-1923
Indianapolis, 1857-1923
Kansas City, 1865-1923
Los Angeles, 1873-1924
Louisville, 1861-1923
Milwaukee, 1861-1892
Minneapolis, 1865-1923
New Orleans, 1861-1923
New York, 1786-1922
Newark, 1861-1923
Philadelphia, 1785-1922
Pittsburgh, 1861-1923
Providence, 1861-1924
Rochester, 1861-1889
San Francisco, 1861-1923
St. Louis, 1863-1923
St. Paul, 1863-1924
Toledo, 1864-1923
Washington, D.C., 1822-1923

Please note that in many cases Fold3 does not include the directories for every year within the date ranges above. Please note also that these directories were rendered keyword searchable by optical character recognition (OCR) software, which translates scanned printed text into machine-readable (i.e., searchable) text. Sometimes, the OCR software misinterprets the typeset letters.

The Missouri History Museum Library has a subscription to Fold3 for on-site use only. The St. Louis County Library and the St. Charles City-County Library provide remote (i.e., at home) access to Fold3 for library cardholders. If you live outside the St. Louis area, check to see if a library near you subscribes to Fold3.

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