Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Last fall, Fold3 introduced Featured Spotlight, a section of our home page showcasing intriguing historical events and images. Updated a few times each week, the Featured Spotlight has become a fresh and engaging focal point for site visitors as we turn the spotlight on unique snippets of history.

Whether momentous or minor, every historical event is made up of smaller events and stories. Within the documents on Fold3, they are immortalized in the official reports and first-hand accounts of the men and women who participated in history.

As the Allies moved into Germany toward the end of World War II, Prince Wolfgang of Hesse abandoned his family's castle in Kronberg, north of Frankfurt, Germany. Before leaving, he placed family heirlooms and jewels in a zinc-lined box, buried it in a hole in the castle basement, and covered it with concrete, hoping it would be safely hidden until the end of the war. It wasn't.

Recent spotlights offer these historical insights:

Spam to the Troops covers the popularity of that ubiquitous "meat" introduced in World War II.

The Fiancé Investigation League was formed to protect susceptible, and engaged, American soldiers from marrying French women in World War I.

The horrific, yet forgotten Battle of Wyoming in 1778 was spotlighted recently.

Who knew about Kit Carson Scouts in Vietnam before the February 2012 Featured Spotlight?

The Great Fire of Richmond, set by Confederates in 1865, tells of a desperate event in the final days of the Civil War.

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