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When the RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, the disaster altered the world on many levels. Even now, 100 years later, the legacy of the Titanic still fascinates. The stories of those who survived and those who perished continue to be revealed. .

At least four male survivors of a certain age (15-35 years old in 1912) lived to 1942 when they were required to register for the "Old Man's Draft" in World War II. They completed and signed registration cards with their personal information: .

• Dickenson Bishop .
• Albert Francis Caldwell .
• George Achilles Harder.
• William Bertram Greenfield .

The last on the list, William Bertram Greenfield, accompanied his mother Blanche on the Titanic. They both survived and are enumerated with their family members and servants in the 1930 census. .

Millionaire Isidor Straus and his wife perished with the ship. Isidor, as a young man, is listed in the 1860 census in Georgia. He and his father reportedly ran blockades for the Confederacy in the Civil War with their dry goods business. In 1888, Straus became part owner of Macy's department store in New York City. .

Francis D. Millet, another Titanic victim, was a renowned sculptor. When only 17, he was a drummer for 100 days in the 16th Massachusetts Regiment. His father, Asa Millet, served briefly in 1861 as an Army surgeon but left due to ill health. While there are no documents on Fold3 for either service, Asa Millet's signature appears in the Civil War "Widows' Pensions" three times. Once in his role as a physician providing an affidavit, and twice witnessing signatures of widows Julia A. Saunders and Sarah B. Gould. .

Like his son, Asa appears to have traveled abroad as evidenced by two passport applications. One in 1855 and another in 1873, both with particulars of his physical features, including that he had no sight in his right eye. Francis' great grandfather, Thomas Millet, fought in the Revolutionary War. His pension file is on Fold3.

Although he perished aboard the Titanic, Francis left a legacy to U.S. military history. He designed the now obsolete Civil War Campaign Medal. It was issued to Union or Confederate soldiers and sailors for service during the war. .

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