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As you know, 2011 and 2012 mark the 200th anniversary of the mightiest earthquake ever recorded in North America, i.e., the New Madrid Earthquakes.

This year and next, a series of events will occur in the New Madrid area commemorating these quakes. Interest is always high in these epic quakes their impact on historic New Madrid, which was once destined to be the capital of New Spain. With the bicentennial of these quakes, awareness is at an all-time high.

This year's events will occur in New Madrid on the evenings of December 9, 10, and 16 (the exact dates of the first big quake and its major aftershocks). I am a descendant of at least two survivors of the big quakes, and will be at the New Madrid Historical Museum on Main Street signing my book about New Madrid. For information on all the happenings, contact the museum at 573 748-5944.

In 2009, the Southeast Missouri State University Press published my 328-page, Gateway Edition book, New Madrid: a Mississippi River Town in History and Legend. This book has been very popular and is now in its third printing. Your members or patrons would love reading this book, especially those with an interest in earthquakes, those whose ancestors made the westward trek, were American Indians, slaves, slave owners, participants in the Civil War; the Lewis and Clark Expedition, floods, or those simply interested in how life played out in mid-America in the 19th century.

Books are available @ $19 from the publisher, or you can order direct from or Barnes & Noble. An autographed copy is available from the author. Contact me here. Thank you for your interest, and for spreading the news about the New Madrid Earthquake Bicentennial and my book. As you know, New Madrid was one of the original five Spanish districts in Louisiana, and ancestors of many Missourians once lived in the New Madrid area.

Mary Sue Anton, 281 474-3373; author of New Madrid: A Mississippi River Town in History and Legend.

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