Monday, October 24, 2011


Post on the Government Book Talk blog about Jobs and the role the GPO has played as incubator of innovation:


NOTE: My own Apple story: I was running a small public library in South Dakota in the early 1980s, and we had just bought an Apple IIe for the library. After it was set up for us, I walked back to the library that night in a snowstorm (I walked because cars were banned from the streets during the storm) in order to use the Apple IIe. A fairly dumb thing to do? Of course—but this story certainly serves as a testament to the strength of the Apple brand even in those early days of its ascendency!

What, by the way, was I doing with that Apple IIe as the snow piled up against the library doors? Why, I was playing games—we had purchased several Infocom titles, and Murder By the Dozen, as I recall..

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