Wednesday, October 19, 2011


David Fiedler’s new novel, My Enemy, My Love tells the story of a German POW, a professor drafted against his will into the army in the last months of the war. Captured and sent to the U.S., the prisoner finds romance with an American woman on the farm where he and others are working. Their love is dangerous for both, and the novel’s climax comes as they are pursued by both Nazi POWs who suspect him of being disloyal, and an American guard who desires a relationship with the same girl. It is based on a true stories told to Fiedler by people who lived them.

“Readers who enjoy historical fiction will definitely find fascination in this book, set against the backdrop of little-known chapter of WWII history here in Missouri,” said Fiedler, who is based in St. Louis. “It definitely has a romantic angle, but fortunately there are gun fights, a chase scene and some menacing Nazis to help even it out.”

Few people know that the United States held over 400,000 stateside German and Italian prisoners of war during World War II. The prisoners were located in a number of camps around the country, and their work in field and factory in close proximity to the Americans gave many people a new understanding of the “enemy.” These men were treated well and had opportunities to take part in sports and music in the camps, and in the years following the war many recalled their time in the States with fondness.

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My Enemy, My Love is a thrilling, roller coaster ride of love, action and suspense. You won’t be able to put this down.”

-Charlie Brennan, KMOX Radio, St. Louis

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