Monday, August 08, 2011


Here are photos of MoSGA Conference 2011 award winners:

Debbie Furnell, MoSGA Nominating Committee member, presenting an Award of Merit to Barbara Duemler, Four Rivers Genealogical Society (Franklin County).

Lois Puchta with Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Gasconade County Historical Society.

Ruth Ann (Abels) Hager of St. Louis County Library received an Award of Merit.

Barbara Sheehan, Putnam County Historical Society, with her Award of Merit.

Jennifer Ruth Baker, Perry County Historical Society, with her Award of Merit.

John Abney, Iron County Historical Society, with his Award of Merit.

Tom Pearson, MoSGA Messenger editor, with his President's Award.

A shot of all award winners who were in attendance. Awards of Merit winners not in attendance were:

Tanit J. Langley, Old Mines Area Historical Society, Inc. (Washington County)

Wanda Blackwell, Phelps County Genealogical Society

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