Friday, July 01, 2011


Here are several replies I received to my e-reader challenge. Thanks, ladies!

No. 1

I have a Nook which is Barnes and Noble's e-reader. I love it. I got it a year ago instead of a Kindle because it reads library books which are usually published in the EPub format. Kindle still has not added that feature to its capabilities. I can also run any book through a program called Calibre and reformat it so it can be read on my Nook.

I researched and compared all the readers before I bought. Sony's was the best at the time but it was and is more than double the price. K

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No. 2

I bought Nooks for my husband and myself for Christmas. They are the older black and white models. The price was very good. We both love them. My husband has purchased quite a few books from B&N and also borrowed from the library. I have purchased very few and have concentrated on the ebooks from our local library. I have been very pleasantly surprised at the large selection available. I much prefer the Nook to holding a paperback or hardcover book. And, when I finish a book I don’t have to find a place on the shelf for it. My only regret is that the new Nook that came out this month was not available in December as I think the improvements are very worthwhile and the price difference between what I paid and the new Nook is small. We are avid Nook fans.

Judy Burns

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