Thursday, June 16, 2011


I’m talking about web surfing without malware/virus protection (what you wear—or don’t—when you web surf is your business). At this point, there’s plenty of great free malware/virus protection out there, so lack of money is no excuse. Here’s a LENGTHY list of great free security products:


NOTE No. 1: I’m running Avast Anti-virus at present, and like it very much. I back it up with Hazard Shield, a free malware checker that I also run on a regular schedule. I’m suggesting, however, that you look at four or five free security programs and pick something you feel comfortable with.

NOTE No. 2: You should also create something known as a Rescue CD (can normally also be created on a flash drive). You use it if a virus manages to overcome your existing defenses and you need to take drastic action to regain control of your computer. You can find a list of free Rescue CD applications on this page:


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