Monday, May 09, 2011


Submit Your Slightly Used Books to the Missouri State Genealogical Association’s (MoSGA) Library Program

The MoSGA Library Program is seeking complimentary copies of recently published books on family histories, genealogies, local histories, and any other books relevant to genealogists. We'll happily accept recently published books in good condition that you have read and no longer need. Relevant books will be reviewed in the MoSGA Journal.

A bookplate naming the donor will be placed in the book, and the book will then be placed in the circulating collection at the Midwest Genealogy Center of the Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, Missouri. This collection is available for use at the library, and more importantly, available for interlibrary loan, reaching genealogy patrons across the United States.

If you are the author of the book(s) you are donating, please include with the book the following information: title, author(s)/ editor(s)/ compiler(s), place of publication, publisher/self-published, year of publication, contact/ordering information, including price and shipping.

For more information contact Jean Foster Kelley, MoSGA Library Director, by email. Book donations may be mailed directly to MoSGA Library Director, P.O. Box 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833. Thanks in advance!

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