Wednesday, March 02, 2011


This post from the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog discusses the predilection of genealogists to rejoice when they discover an ancestor who died in a horrifying manner:


NOTE: I don’t think most genealogists are actually ghouls at heart. I think a large part of the thrill we get when finding an account of such a death is the fact that a newspaper or other printed account of that demise may be the best source of information we will ever find regarding that individual (and most such articles include at least a little info on his or her family.

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Katie said...

This is very true! A while back I came upon my GG-Grandfather's death certificate (Michigan). It said he died in an accident at the paper mill in 1909. I wondered if he was the only fatality or if it involved more people. So, I contacted the local genealogical society to see if they knew what happened. Sure enough, the incident involving him was on the front page of the evening news. It was horrific! His overalls got caught in this giant mechanism that he was oiling and he was instantly yanked into the contraption and completely dismembered. I was horrified! My maiden name was Johnson and he was the first Johnson to come here from Sweden. The article talked about his family, where he was from in Sweden and when he arrived in the States.