Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Please join us for our 2nd Annual Trivia Night. This is a fun evening and a way for StLGS to raise money for annual operating costs. We are hoping to fill up the hall, so please share this notice with others who might be interested.

We are going to try to do things somewhat differently this year:

1. We are going to have pre-trivia games again this year, but only two as opposed to three. We are opening the doors at 6pm to allow time for working on those games. Trivia will start at 7pm. 1 pre-game will be $10 and 2 will be $15. We expect a whole table to work on the answers, however, if someone prefers to purchase their own and work by themselves, they may do so. Cash prize will be $40 for each game.

2. We are going to project Kevin Carbery's questions and answers on a screen.

3. We are going to slow the event slightly by allowing two 10 min breaks for team members to take breaks without missing part of the play and to view the silent auction items. Last year, festivities had concluded by 10 pm.

4. We are adding raffle tickets this year. We will raffle 2 items only and both of those are worth $340. The items are outstanding seats for one of the Cardinal Games. One set of 4 is 18 rows behind home plate, slightly on the first base side, section 148, seats 12-15. The second set of 4 is located 1 level up in section 247 in the Redbird Club, row 2, seats 5-8. Raffle tickets will be sold for 6 for $5 or buy a "wingspan" (about 36/38 tickets) for $20.

5. We will still be offering silent auction items. Some of these include Waterway 3 Month Clean Car Club (the person who got this last year said it was better than any private clubs, and the pass was saved for these past winter months); 4 hours US research by Ann Fleming; 4 hours German research by Carol Whitton; 4 hours interpretation of German letters and documents by Martin H. Raitzsch. The three research baskets will also include 1 free year subscription to the StLGS. We also are featuring an outstanding photo of the Arch at sunrise by Chuck Norland which is an $185 value. If you have ever been in Missouri Baptist Hospital, you have seen his photos in the halls, offices and waiting rooms.

Some things will remain the same. We are still going to have that fresh popcorn, the winning table will get $160, and we still are playing 50/50, Heads or Tails, Dead or Alive.

Thanks to all who choose to participate in our 2nd Annual Trivia Night. We hope you have a great evening on Friday, March 18th. We are open to all suggestions and comments about our evening and welcome feedback.

DATE & TIME: Friday, March 18, 2011—7 pm-10 pm (doors open at 6 pm).
PLACE: Maryland Heights Center, 2344 McKelvey Rd, Maryland Heights, Mo 63043
COST: $15 per person; $120 for a table of 8 players

Thank you,

The StLGS Trivia Committee

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