Tuesday, February 08, 2011


MoSGA is now offering members the option of accessing their newsletter electronically (PDF format) or physically (PRINT version to be mailed to you as in previous years). Persons who elect the PDF version will get access to their newsletter much more quickly (and can still print out a copy on their home computers if they so choose). The PDF version will also include live links for websites and emails mentioned in that newsletter. If you would like to receive the PRINT version, you will need to send an email to 89ilguy@gmail.com with PRINT in the Subject Line. You may also write to us at MoSGA, P.O. Box 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833, attn. PRINT NWS. Members who prefer the PDF version need do nothing. Thanks for your interest in our publications, and thanks for your continuing membership in our organization!

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