Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Brooks Simpson says that neo-Confederate really is not a very good descriptor for present-day defenders of the Stars and Bars who continue to insist that the Civil War was all about “states’ rights.” He thinks a much better descriptor is “Confederate Romantic,” and his argument is certainly interesting:


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Good Morning, I was really taken aback by a genealogy organization's participating in politics. Because you have ventured to lead people in this direciton, please do print the other sides point of view. I suggest the following based on facts and truth.

Confederate Digest: More Lies About the War Between the States
By J. Stephen Conn
After announcing that the Confederate government was "anxious to cultivate peace and commerce with all nations" Davis said the following: An agricultural people, whose chief interest is the export of a commodity required in every ...
Confederate Digest - http://www.confederatedigest.com/

From JOsephine Bass see my kin at mysouthernfamily@rootsweb.com