Friday, December 10, 2010


The following sources have recently been added to the Genealogy and Local History Index. To search the index globally, visit the main page. To browse or search one of the individual sources below, click on the link for that source.

1. Several necrology scrapbooks (clippings of obituaries and death notices)

2. The Hatchet (Washington University yearbook), 1903-1943 (incomplete run)

3. Program for the graduating exercises of the Manual Training School, Washington University, June 17, 1903

4. Program for the seventeenth annual reunion of the Manual Training School Alumni Association, June 17, 1904

5. Printed document: “As an expression of esteem and affection we, the undersigned, present this appropriate gift to our tutor, E.M. Avery, December 25, 1853.”

6. Printed document: “To E.M. Avery, as a small reward for the zealous, impartial, and honest discharge of his duty in the capacity of tutor, we, the following contributors, offer this gift, December 25, 1855.”

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