Tuesday, November 09, 2010


For all you MoSGA members:

Starting in 2011, MoSGA members will be able to choose the way they access their newsletter:

1. in traditional print format, mailed to you as before;

2. in PDF format, accessed via special URL on the MoSGA website

Why would you choose PDF format over traditional print newsletter? Four main reasons:

1. you'll be able to access it three-four weeks before print subscribers get their copy
2. you'll be able to click links and email addresses in the newsletter- no more typing them into your browser's address bar
3. if your vision (like mine) is not as sharp as it used to be, zoom the font to whatever size you like
4. if you really like having a print copy of the newsletter, go ahead and print a copy of the PDF for your files

If you want to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, click the link below and put PRINT in the Subject Line. Include your mailing address.


If you want to access the newsletter via PDF, click the link below and put PDF in the Subject Line:


Thanks for your continuing support of MoSGA!

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