Monday, November 08, 2010


Time to renew your MoSGA membership (or become a member if you aren't already)! You may copy and paste this blog post into your word processor, or fill out the form on the back page of your newsletter (if currently a MoSGA member).

Remember, too, that a MoSGA membership is a great gift idea for the genealogist in your family!

MoSGA Membership Application & Renewal Form

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: ____ $20 per year. 4 journals & newsletters; one vote and one conference discount.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: ____ $30 per year. 4 journals & newsletters; two votes and two conference discounts.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP: __$20 per year: for societies & libraries. Same benefits as individuals; one vote can be assigned.

CONTRIBUTING MEMBER: ____ $40 per year; same benefits as individual. Donation advantages.

PATRON MEMBER: ____ $100 per year; same benefits as individual; 20% discount on publications (not to be used for resale) and 20% discount on annual conference. Donation advantages.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP: ____ $400 One time payment; other benefits same as individual. Active member status for life. Never needs renewing; non-assignable.

Email address: ______________________________________________________.

MoSGA Newsletter Preference: PDF format ____ Print copy ___
I have a home computer and home access to the Internet: Yes ___ No ___
I have home access to at least one genealogy subscription service: Yes ___ No ___
I have written an article for the MoSGA Journal: Yes ___ No ___
I am interested in working as a MoSGA volunteer: Yes ___ No ___

Name ______________________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________ State _____ Zip ____________

New member _____ Renewal _____ Include check payable to MoSGA and send to:

MoSGA Membership, PO Box 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833


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