Thursday, September 02, 2010


I am happy to announce the completion of this long-term project.

The title of my book is The Point Finder for the Military History Sites of
North America

It is intended to be a comprehensive reference book for battle sites, forts/camps, museums, parks, ships, etc. of North America (Canada and US). It has a compilation of maps, various database entries, and State/Province listings for all of the sites I could find information about (about 5000 total sites in my master database). The intent was to reference historical locations (past battle sites or forts) but also to list any place where there is actually something to see today that would be of interest to a military historian or buff.

In my research, I found no single resource that tries to compile all of this
information in one place. I believe a reference work of this sort could be of great use to both the professional military history community and the casual tourist who likes to visit such sites.

I chose to organize and publish this book myself, and am selling this first edition directly from my little "home office." If you would like more information, feel free to email me. If you would like to order a copy, please send me a check for $40 and I will mail a copy to you.

While this book is obviously a labor of love (it is the product of 20 years of accumulated research), I would be interested in improving the product and in
establishing a professional relationship with an organization capable of managing this book/project in the long term and publicizing/selling it more widely. Please write to me if you represent such an organization and may have such an interest.


Gregory Banner
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (retired)
4 Old Jenckes Hill Rd
Lincoln, RI 02865

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