Friday, July 09, 2010


If you live alone, you may have wondered at some point what will happen if you die at home before being able to call for help. You probably don’t want your remains to lie unattended for days or even longer. The matter becomes even more urgent if you have pets that need regular feeding and routine care.

One solution: join Deathswitch. What is Deathswitch? It’s an online service that sends a message to you on a regular basis (you choose the frequency- daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). If you don’t respond to that message with the password you’ve chosen, Deathswitch sends an email that you’ve previously composed to the person/organization that you’ve previously chosen.

The basic service (one email- no attachments- to one person) is free. Their premium service allows you to send up to 30 messages (with attachments) to up to 10 persons per message.

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