Thursday, July 01, 2010


In December 2009, MoSGA awarded a 21st Century Grant to the Butler County Archives in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Following is the grant report submitted by the Butler County Archives in fulfillment of the grant program:

The grant, in the amount of $874.08, was awarded for the purchase of 144 Acid Free Shelf Pamphlet Files. They are to be used for storage of genealogical material donated to the archives for the benefit of other researchers.

The files and label holders were received 5 January 2010, and payment of $874.08 was made on January 25th. As time allows, volunteers are grouping together the subject matter and placing them in the shelf files. Footprints, published by Butler County Genealogical Society, Inc., has been organized and placed in the research room along with booklets and family histories of Butler County and the state of Missouri. The organization and display of family histories, genealogical magazines, research books and pamphlets will be an ongoing process.

This grant will help us preserve and make available material donated by other genealogists. We will now be able to offer both government and non-government records for researchers.

This concludes the project report for publication on the MoSGA blog and in the MoSGA newsletter.


Joyce Drew
Consultant for Butler County Archives

Butler County at USGenWeb

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