Friday, June 11, 2010


Just heard about this opportunity sponsored by the National Archives (UK), and thought any teachers out there may be interested:

Applications are open for this new course. Download the application pack below, and submit your application by 19.00 on Monday 14 June.

The programme will be delivered with the University of Virginia, giving British history teachers the chance to work in partnership with American teachers through a virtual learning environment during the Autumn term of 2010. They will carry out their own research on the transatlantic slave trade and work towards creating original learning resources based on documents from the collections of The National Archives and the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington. Following approval by an editorial board, these resources will be published on the programme's website.

American and British teachers will carry out further collaborative work on a trip to the Caribbean (subject to a successful funding bid) in February half term 2011.

All of the participants' expenses for the Autumn term will be paid, including travel and accommodation for the two days at The National Archives, as well as the cost of a supply teacher to cover their teaching on the Friday. If the bid for funding for the trip to the Caribbean is successful, travel, accommodation and daily expenditure will also be paid.

The virtual classroom and virtual learning environment will be freely available to participants through the internet; no special equipment will be required.

Programme Activities

· Introductory meeting for all teachers delivered via the Virtual Classroom, beginning of September 2010 (outside school hours).
· Participation in the virtual learning environment, to get to know the other British and American teachers working on the programme.
· Four lectures, delivered via the virtual classroom or as webcasts. These will be made available to participants between 14 September and 8 October.
· Two days of seminars on Friday 8 October and Saturday 9 October at The National Archives, led by Ben Walsh, history education trainer and author. Teachers will work with original documents, reflecting on how to design classroom activities which draw on the content of the lessons.
· Teachers work in small groups with American partners through the VLE, to develop their own teaching resources from October to December.
· Resources will be submitted to the editorial board on Friday 10 December.
· A study tour to the Caribbean from 19 to 25 February 2011, where American and British teachers will work in partnership on creating further learning resources (subject to successful funding bid) is planned to take place in February half term.

Go to our web page for application form and supporting information:


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