Friday, May 28, 2010


Missouri State Genealogical Association
2010 Conference Schedule
Jefferson City, Missouri
Friday, August 13-Saturday August 14, 2010


9:30-11:30-- Pre-conference Workshops (Additional $20 fee)

Workshop 1: If You Don’t Tell the Story, Who Will? With Marilyn Collins. The search for family ancestors is the primary focus of genealogists. This workshop comes into play after the charts are complete. Learn how to write the story of a family, town, church, people, or events.

Workshop 2: When the Records Didn’t’ Get It Right, with Mary Celeste, MLS. If your family consists of names, dates, and places only, you may have missed out on really getting to know some interesting characters. In this workshop you will be inspired to roll up your sleeves, dust off your resources, call your cousins, and get back into the research mode. This is an interactive program.

9:30-1:00 -- Registration

1:00-2:00-- Conference Begins
Keynote Presentation: Civil Records in Germany, Roger Minert

2:30-3:30-- Breakout sessions

Researching Your Missouri Czech (Bohemian) Immigrant, June Sommer, MLS

Searching High and Low: Using Cartographic Records in Genealogical Research, Patricia M. Luebbert

4:00-5:00-- Breakout sessions

Overcoming Brick Walls When Researching Our Family History, Gene Block

The Rope and the Open Square: Civil War Crime and Punishment, Tom Pearson, MLS

6:00-- Banquet: Self-Defeating Behaviors in German Family History Research, Roger Minert


8:00-9:00-- Registration

8:30-9:30-- Troubleshooting in Germanic Family History Research, Roger Minert

10:00-11:00-- Breakout sessions

History Through Genealogy—Researching “Dred and Harriet Scott: Their Family Story”, Ruth Ann (Abels) Hager, CG, CGL [Book signing to follow]

St Louis At War, 1861-1865,Tom Pearson, MLS

11:30-1:00-- Luncheon and Annual Meeting

1:15-2:15-- Surname Changes in Northwestern Germany, Roger Minert

2:45-3:45-- Breakout sessions

Heritage Societies, Certificate Programs, and Lineage Research Projects, Mary Celeste, MLS

Ireland Here and There, Suzanne Vinduska and Maria Forsha

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