Friday, April 23, 2010


The unthinkable happens-- a hardcore virus gains a foothold in your computer, in spite of the commendable precautions you’ve taken to prevent such an event. What can you do?

Well, one thing you can do now (before the above event happens) is download AVG Rescue CD (it's free). You can choose between a version for CD and a version for a thumb drive. Then, should disaster strike, you can insert the CD or thumb drive and (most likely) take back your PC.

For this scenario to work, however, you need to download AVG Rescue CD right now, and keep it somewhere that you can easily access it. Oh, and you’ll need to update it on a frequent basis, of course, because hackers never seem to sleep. But we all knew that eternal vigilance is the price of Web freedom, right?


DOWNLOADED PROGRAMS NOTE: By the way, always SAVE programs to be downloaded rather than clicking INSTALL. Then SCAN the downloaded program with your computer security software before installing-- regardless of the source of that program. Better safe than sorry!

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