Saturday, January 02, 2010


Seen on a genealogy listserve:

Use Google Alerts to find your ancestor - **be sure to use quotes around a phrase** to limit 'hits' to a specific person:

"Elizabeth Barker"

Google will forward email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, blogs, videos, etc.) based on this phrase. So, all Elizabeth Barker webpage appearances would be forwarded (but not all pages with just “Barker” on them)

Here is the link to the FAQ to learn more, with sign up info:

NOTE: You can also set up alerts for “Pearson family” or other families of interest. I set up one alert to pull in “Pearson family” Web items, and a second alert to pull in “Pearson family” blog items (merely a matter of personal preference). Here again, be sure to include the quotes when setting up family alerts.

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John said...

For "Web Alerts" Google will return items from the "Top Twenty" search results. For the others (News, blogs, videos) it will return only the "Top Ten". If what you want to see appears later in the results, Google Alerts will not alert you to it.