Thursday, January 21, 2010


If your computer just doesn’t seem to run as quickly as it used to, you may need to clear out the unnecessary junk files that accumulate in any computer over time as a matter of course. A free and easy way to clean your electronic house is to download CCleaner:


Note No. 1: When downloading any file from the Internet, you should choose “Save” rather than “Install” that file. Then scan that file with your anti-virus software (you are running anti-virus software, aren’t you?) before installing on your computer.

Note No. 2: A reader has asked if there’s a quick way to scan a downloaded file. The answer is yes. Place the cursor on that downloaded file, then right-click your mouse. One of the choices you see should be “Scan”. Select “Scan,” and wait for the all-clear from your anti-virus software!

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