Saturday, December 19, 2009


From the Missouri State Archives website:

“For many years, the Missouri State Archives has worked with local court officials to help preserve, index and microfilm their records. Now, through the Missouri Digital Heritage Initiative, digitized collections of court files are available to researchers online. Records are available by county, court and year; and are searchable by name and keyword. At this time, the digital collections include:

· Greene County Circuit Court (1856-1873, non-inclusive)
· Jasper County Circuit Court (1860-1876, non-inclusive)
· New Madrid County Probate Court (1805-1830)
· Saint Charles County Circuit Court (1805-1835)
· Saint Louis City Probate Court (1876-1900, separated from county in 1876)
· Saint Louis County Probate Court (1804-1876) “

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